Culture Exchange

We believe everyone has something inside to share, may be the experience or skill. We have many guests from everywhere around the world. Why don’t we use this advantage to help our local community.

It’s very simple idea. We started from the resource we have are traveller from around the world. We take our guest to go to school to meet thai student. Traveller become our co-host to improve thai student’s english speaking skill. It’s very good for local student who has no chance to listen and speak english with people who use english in daily life.

We connected with the local government school. Traveller will be the assistant teacher in the class. We play game, do the fun activity for let them speak english.

For months we do culture exchange. We found that thai student have a lot of improving. They are not shy anymore to speak english with foreigner. In few months later we have the student will get better speaking and learn more words from these activity.

You can help us to improve Sukhothai chrildren. Become our co-host then share your skill to connect with the local and inspire the other traveller.

If you want to… You will be. If you want hostel Sukhothai.