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Co-Hosting Hostel

If you want to… Hostel

Connecting people /// Share your value /// Inspire with local /// to find yourself

The Co-Hosting Hostel : We believe everyone has something to share to this world. You have the true value inside yourself may you have never known before. We ask everyone to share their skill with the others.

Become our co-host to find yourself.

Surprising Activity : At our hostel, you will never know what experience you are going to get here. You can found awesome people who will inspire you. In the other hand you can inspire the others with your own skill.

You can ask our staff to set the little event. You will become our co-host to enjoy each other in Sukhothai.

For example

Anna Wojtowicz /// the dye paper from natural color
Yuki Do /// the Japanese painter who become our master of sushi
Roland Bewick /// the culture exchanger from New Zealand
Lautaro Ojeda /// the culture exchanger from Argentina
Phitsanu Singsod /// the culture exchanger from Thailand

How to set up your own Event
1. contact our staff for let us know about your event
2. Plan together with hostel about how to do / when the even happen / how many people to join / how about Advertise
3. Ask people to join ; write on our board / set the event on our facebook

Regular Activities to share in our hostel with local Sukhothai people
– Culture exchange at local school ; Explain…
– Cooking Thai dessert on every Thursdays
– Thai language class by local volunteer in evening
– Homemade Jam making day
– Homemade Bread making day every Wednesday
– Sunday night dinner with local people
– Music jam session night
– Thai kite making
– Sukhothai Celadon Making workshop by Sukhothai artist
– Muay Thai Training